Hello there! I'm the dreamer behind Little Beams Photography. I became a photographer and a mother all at once almost 10 years ago and have been juggling both ever since! Being a full-time momma and entrepreneur is no easy feat. Growing this business alongside my growing family has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. 

Some fun tid bits...I've lived in Shanghai, Brussels and 5 states in the last 10 years. I've taken photos all over the world and in nearly every image you can find one of the little people who first inspired Little Beams Photography. My kids Bennett, Emery, Arden and McKenna are at the heart of my love for photography and so it was only fitting that their names should be the basis of my business name BEAMs.

I work exclusively with existing light sources in my photography because I love how these light sources lend an element of realism and honesty to each portrait. Sunlight sparkles and flares, lamplight spotlights and directs and window light enfolds and adds definition to the subject. 

My passion is for portrait photography in a lifestyle setting because I want your photos to be an extension of the life you've lived, and not something phony and staged. My hope is that clients will look back at their photos from me and be transported back in time to that moment and relive every beautiful emotion felt.